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Social media has undoubtedly disrupted traditional advertising methods, allowing advertisers to target their audiences with cost-effective, pinpoint accuracy. However, TV advertising still has its place, with the average person watching over 4 hours of television a day and 76% of all video consumption being TV; despite YouTube’s best efforts! Furthermore, TV accounts for 94% of all video advertising time, with a captive audience and less ability to skip or scroll past ads like you can online.

Sky AdSmart is a new approach that was launched in 2014 to allow SMEs to utilise TV ads with similar costs and targeting options as social media advertising. Its ads are displayed on TVs in exactly the same way as normal ads. As a viewer you won’t know the difference.

But whilst you’re watching an advert for car insurance, your next door neighbour might be watching a pet food ad. Same channel, same time, but different ads targeted specifically based on you owning a car due for renewal and your neighbour having a dog.

Sky AdSmart can reach 7m UK homes via Sky channels and NowTV, reaching 27% of UK households. An upcoming partnership with Virgin Media will expand reach further. Their own data and partnerships with third parties such as Experian, Boots, Mastercard and Tesco Clubcard allow detailed targeting based on over 1,200 audience segments.

Common segments include location, affluence, household composition and car ownership. As an example, you could target people who live in BS8, own their own home and have two children under the age of 7.

We produce TV commercials entirely in-house. This includes scripting, shooting and post, including clearing your ad for broadcast with Clearcast, adhering to broadcast regulations and delivering your ad to Sky. And whilst this process takes some time, we don’t inflate our rates. So whether it’s a video for your website or a TV commercial, it’ll cost roughly the same. In fact we’d recommend utilising your content across platforms.

You can view our most recent TV commercials at, including that of Battersea, a project which saw us produce web videos, Instagram stories and TV ads from the same original content.

We can also help identify your audience, and work with Sky to build an audience profile and ascertain campaign costs.

From your perspective, working with us to create a TV ad is as simple and straightforward as creating an online video.

If you’d like us to explain in more detail how you can cost-effectively advertise on television to a targeted audience then please get in contact.

By Russell
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