Live video streaming

We’ve helped our clients keep communicating in a myriad of ways this year, including live streaming.

As both an alternative to events, and a general means of communication, doing so professionally can be an effective way of communicating with your audience, enabling you to mix existing films, pre-recorded content and live broadcast.

Over the last few months we’ve invested in our capabilities as a response to demand from new and existing clients alike, allowing us to offer live vision mixing and multi-camera live broadcasting alongside our existing video production capabilities for pre-recorded content.

Example: Redmaids’ High School

Most recently we delivered a two-hour virtual open day for Redmaids’ High School ( With prospective parents and students not allowed on-site for the usual, annual open day, the need was evident.

We combined a mix of existing content, content recorded specifically for the live stream, and a live broadcast including an open Q&A with viewers.

Pre-recorded content was filmed in such a way as to give the illusion of being live, fitting seamlessly with the live studio sections.

“Open Morning is our biggest recruitment event, so it was essential that our virtual offering should live up to our usual on-site standard. By working with Jone Millbank, we were able to host an impressive, professional event that showcased the best of our school.”


We’re currently able to support up to four live stream cameras, plus virtual and remote sources such as panelists and audiences, as well as digital inputs such as pre-recorded and existing content.

With a professional live vision mix we’re able to seamlessly transition between live and pre-recorded content, whilst utilising titles and overlays for a professional finish.

Streaming can be output to any supportinge platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and other proprietary live stream services.

By Russell
Live streaming + Video Production

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