Why video production budget is key

Video production and budget go hand-in-hand, though nobody likes to talk about money, really.

It’s ingrained in our culture, from keeping expenses private to not sharing our salaries with friends and colleagues. And we know how hiding salaries from colleagues can turn out.

However this isn’t to extort the most amount of money possible from a video production project, it’s simply to set a ceiling on concepts. There’s no use us pitching Idris Elba driving a 1961 Ferrari 250 along the Amalfi coast, all to the tune of Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen, only for you to turn around and tell us your budget is £10,000.

It’s important to mention though that setting a budget doesn’t stifle creativity. We will always pitch a number of ideas across the budget range, with some utilising all the budget available and others using only a fraction. And sometimes, it’s the lower budget ideas that are the most creative and engaging. IKEA’s cat advert for example, released in 2010, wouldn’t have blown the bank, and ALDI’s current “Like Brands” campaign is incredibly simple.

And conversely, setting an affordably high budget limit allows us to add value. This may be by simply producing a more engaging video, producing additional video cuts and reducing the cost per film, or advising some of the budget be ring-fenced for ad spend and dissemination.

Importantly, whether your video production budget is £5,000 or £500,000, we’ll be able to creatively develop a range of concepts that maximise your return on investment. Just take it from the 85% of clients that have returned to us for further work.

By Russell
General + Video Production

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