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The world of 360° video, virtual reality and augmented reality has changed a lot since the first 360° video we created in early 2016.

Developments in the technology itself along with general computing power has allowed 360° video to be streamlined, cost-effective and easier to create.

We're still conscious of projects where it may be used as gimmick, and instead ensure it's used where it can engage an audience more effectively than traditional video. It's particularly effective at driving engagement at events, helping to stand out in a crowded marketplace, and allowing prospective customers to explore and experience spaces when they're unable to visit.

Video production still from Epsom College
#764 - Epsom College

360 School Tour

We helped replace an open days with a 360° school tour to allow prospective parents and students to see the school for themselves, led by current students.

Video production still from VisitBristol
#345 - VisitBristol

Bristol in 360

A six-part series exploring Bristol in 360 led by audio interviews and presenters, produced throughout 2017, including festivals, shopping, arts and food & drink.

Video production still from Redmaids High School
#720 - Redmaids High School

Virtual Tour

We created a virtual tour of this independent girls' school to open the campus up to those unable to attend open days due to COVID or international travel.

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