Engaging consumers with video

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The majority of our video productions help companies and brands reach out to their consumer clients. It may be to sell a product, increase brand awareness, or simply educate and inform, but whatever the objective we aim to create content that's audience-first, highly engaging and effective.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#683 - University of Bristol

Find Your Focus

We were commissioned to produce the University of Bristol's flagship film for their 2021 undergraduate campaign.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
#902 - The Royal Mint

Making Of A Coin

We were commissioned to produce a flagship film celebrating the history, prestige and heritage of The Royal Mint following a brand refresh.

Video production still from Bristol City Council
#729 - Bristol City Council

City of Hope

We were commissioned to produce an uplifting and reflective film on Bristol's time under COVID-19 led by a poem written by Bristol's City Poet.

Video production still from Battersea
#629 - Battersea

Muddy Dog

We've been working with Battersea to promote their events and increase fundraising revenue through viral and paid-for advertising campaigns.

Video production still from Epsom College
#910 - Epsom College

The Rest Will Follow

We researched, conceptualised, produced and created Epsom College's flagship school film, the narrative following opportunities.

Video production still from CHiMi
#427 - CHiMi

Welcome to 006

CHiMi Eyewear's new frame, #006, needed to challenge preconceptions about masculine and feminine frame styles alongside a London launch.

Video production still from Original Cottages
#630 - Original Cottages

First Moments

We shot a TVC nine days after commission including incidental and dedicated stills for digital, print and OOH advertising.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
#843 - The Royal Mint

The Three Graces

The Royal Mint's Great Engravers Collection continued with The Three Graces, one of the world's most sought-after coin designs.

Video production still from University of Winchester
#897 - University of Winchester

Find Your Tribe

Creating a TVC and social content to promote student accommodation and on-campus life during University closure.

"It had to be impactful, aspirational, beautifully shot and incredibly well thought out to balance the tradition and progressiveness that defines us. Our team's vision has been expertly delivered by JonesMillbank who met our brief with a perfect concept and worked with us throughout to develop the script, storyboard and score."

University of Bristol