Documentary filmmaking is at our heart

Services / Documentary Video Production

Almost every project we create is observational documentary or has elements of documentary storytelling.

As trained documentarians, telling people's stories with authenticity is key to everything we create and forms the backbone of most of our commercial projects.

We also work on documentaries in the traditional broadcast sense, taking on short and long forms as appropriate.

Video production still from King's Bruton
#546 - King's Bruton

Royal Visit

We covered the day the school's new music centre was officially opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and produced PR and news content for regional outlets.

Video production still from Henderson Seafood
#423 - Henderson Seafood


We were tasked with capturing the week and speaking with some of the chef's about their experience and journey into cheffing.

Video production still from Norland
#432 - Norland

We Are Norland

Norland are one of our oldest clients, having worked together since 2011. We've helped and seen them grow through numerous brand evolutions.

Video production still from Battersea
#629 - Battersea

Muddy Dog

We've been working with Battersea to promote their events and increase fundraising revenue through viral and paid-for advertising campaigns.

Video production still from NHS
#412 - NHS

Patient Explainers

We produced a series of films to better inform patients, provide clear and engaging pre-op information and reduce consultant load.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
#657 - The Royal Mint

Una & The Lion

We captured the process of bringing the infamous Una & The Lion design back into the light through the largest coin ever produced, minted in 5kg of solid gold.

"I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for your incredible work. The film you worked so hard to make is both beautiful and perfect at catching the atmosphere and story of the day."

King's Bruton