We work extensively in the education sector

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We work with over 35 independent schools, colleges, universities and other education institutions on video productions and supporting marketing materials.

Content is created across the spectrum, from social campaigns to OOH advertising and pedagogical content including online courses and e-learning.

We also undertake market research and focus groups for larger campaigns and retained clients to develop audience profiles and ensure our video content engages an ever-evolving audience.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#682 - University of Bristol

Find Your Focus

We were commissioned to produce the University of Bristol's flagship film for their 2021 undergraduate campaign.

Video production still from Millfield School
#686 - Millfield

This Is Millfield

Having worked with this G20 school since 2013, our latest project - written by alumni - takes a fresh look at the school's ethos and original messaging.

Video production still from Redmaids' High School
#354 - Redmaids' High School

Junior Poem

Read by a current pupil alongside largely unscripted, obs-doc footage, the film shows the breadth and authentic spirit of the junior school.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#755 - University of Bristol


We were briefed to create a film that reassured current offer holders and engaged prospective clearing applicants via social media.

Video production still from Epsom College
#726 - Epsom College

Campus Tour

Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, we created a virtual tour to assist this retained school's open days and ongoing admissions.

Video production still from Shrewsbury House School
#458 - Shrewsbury House School


We spoke to a selection of parents with children currently attending Shrewsbury House School to highlight the breadth of school life and the qualities they see being nurtured in their children.

Video production still from Redmaids' High School
#720 - Redmaids' High School

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of this independent school's junior school for both international students and those unable to visit due to COVID-19.

Photography still from University of Winchester
#597 - University of Winchester

Housing Guide

With a tight print deadline ahead of the new academic year, we enlisted 8 models across 2 days to create a varied, diverse suite of images.

Video production still from GGLT
#813 - GGLT

Trust Films

In light of COVID-19, we cost-effectively produced films covering all schools in this five-school Trust as an alternative to open days.

Video production still from Jisc
#665 - Jisc

Digital Citizens

To help launch registrations for Digifest 2020 we showed 'digital citizens' in their natural environment, off-campus and away from education.

Video production still from Epsom College
#429 - Epsom College

Sixth Form Centre

We helped raise over £2 million to fund the development of a new Sixth Form centre.

Video production still from University of Bristol

Civil Engineering

Showcasing the real-world impacts and field-led study that defines the Department of Civil Engineering.

Video production still from King's Bruton
#458 - King's Bruton


We pitched the idea of cinemagraphs and were subsequently commissioned to create a series covering various aspects of school life.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#607 - University of Bristol

School of PPN

The School of PPN needed to support a recruitment drive, whilst educating prospective students about what the courses entail.

Video production still from King's Bruton

Royal Visit

We covered the day the school's new music centre was officially opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and produced PR and news content for regional outlets.

Video production still from Norland College
#432 - Norland College

We Are Norland

Norland are one of our oldest clients, having worked together since 2011. We've helped and seen them grow through numerous brand evolutions.

Video production still from University of Winchester
#599 - University of Winchester


We created a host of content, from pre-roll online adverts to GIFs to get an alternative, informed message out during clearing.

Photography from Bristol Grammar School
#VAR - Bristol Grammar School

OOH Advertising

We've been supporting this Bristol-based independent school's growth via a range of OOH advertising including bus adverts, billboards and retail displays.

Video production still from Battersea
#342 - Badminton School

Sports Centre

We helped launch the fundraising campaign for a new sports centre for this independent girls school.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#610 - University of Bristol


We showcased a new type of vaccine being developed by the the University of Bristol's BioDesign Institute and partners for press and research promotion.

Photography from CGS Trust
#241 - CGS Trust

Photography Catalogue

We were commissioned to cover the breadth of this school trust, encompassing Colston Girls' School plus four other academies, across a two-day shoot.

"What can I say about JonesMillbank? Fun to work with, stunningly creative, driven, deliver great results. Millfield School has been delighted with the videos they have produced for us, and the comments we receive back from students, parents and teachers supports this."

Millfield School

We work exclusively in-house

We're currently a team of nine multi-disciplined creatives.

It isn't Jo & Joanna Bloggs turning up for a video production, but a close-knit team who've been involved in each and every project from the very beginning.

"We've never used freelancers and we never will", so the saying goes.

As a result we get to know the schools, staff, teachers and students we work with. And, with all our crew DBS checked, you can be confident in the safeguarding of your students.

Video production still from Redmaids' High School
Video production still from Badminton School
Video production still from Redmaids' High School

We truly understand the industry and market

The first question we aways get asked is "isn't it a problem that you work with our competitors?".

To the contrary, our insight and experience gives us a huge advantage, and we're able to identify an institutions USPs from an external perspective.

As well as running focus groups and research projects, our day-in, day-out experience of talking to and working with schools gives us a great insight into the wider problems, challenges, expectations and audience profiles.

We're a full-service video production company

We can help your school across the marketing spectrum, including online video production, prospectus photography, OOH advertising, television commercials, social content and staff and student training.

Ensuring consistency is key to all brands, no less in the highly competitive and somewhat crowded independent school sector.

Our ability to produce all of this under one roof guarantees high quality brand consistency whilst coming with various time and cost savings.

Photography billboard from Bristol Grammar School
RED Helium 8K

Cinema-grade video production values

We own and operate a RED Helium 8K digital cinema camera system in-house.

Alongside our team of in-house creatives the system allows us to bring the highest video production values to schools, raising the bar amongst competitors, aligning to their own high quality brands, and opening the doors to other platforms such as cinema and TV advertising.

Video production still from The Royal Mint

"They deliver outstanding quality alongside superb customer service. We have used them time and again to produce fantastic films, photographs and digital content for us. We would recommend them without fail."

King's Bruton