Live event streaming of the highest quality

Services / Live event streaming

Utilising a host of equipment including jibs and roving cameras we're able to stream live events over WiFi, 4G or 5G.

With an in-house event crew of up to 8 including producers and photographers, we're able to comprehensively cover small and large events alike.

Whether you're looking to broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or a proprietory platform, we can help.

Video production still from Redmaids High School
#795 - Redmaids High School

Open Day Live Stream

We worked with Redmaids' High School to produce and create a two-hour live stream featuring pre-recorded content.

Video production still from VisitBristol
#345 - VisitBristol

Bristol in 360

A six-part series exploring Bristol in 360 led by audio interviews and presenters, produced throughout 2017, including festivals, shopping, arts and food & drink.

Video production still from Epsom College
#764 - Epsom College

360 School Tour

We helped replace an open days with a 360° school tour to allow prospective parents and students to see the school for themselves, led by current students.

"Open Morning is our biggest recruitment event, so it was essential that our virtual offering should live up to our usual on-site standard. By working with JonesMillbank we were able to host an impressive, professional event that showcased the best of our school."

Redmaids’ High School