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We understand students and how they engage, and as well as promotional content for education we're also experienced in producing pedagogical content for online courses and MOOCs.

Our in-house team ensures everyone understands the messaging, audience, learnings and topics, and we've worked with academics and experts to help explain everything from climate change to religious indoctrination, global citizenship, homelessness and mental health & wellbeing.

Animation still from EIT Food
#725 - EIT Food

Waste to Value

Coming soon; an entirely-animated MOOC for Belhium-based EIT Food on food waste.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#326 - University of Bristol

Bristol Futures

We produced 83 videos for an ambitious project to produce 3 MOOCs involving over 100 contributors, all in the space of 4 months.

Video production still from the NHS
#412 - NHS

Patient Explainers

We've worked with three NHS Trusts to better inform patients, provide clear and engaging pre-op information and reduce consultant load.

"JonesMillbank were really valuable to us in being able to bring an aspect of creativity and fun to the process and really allow that kind of creativity to grow with the academics."

University of Bristol

We're a full-service video production company

We create videos for online, social and TV, from concept and storyboard through to production, post and delivery.

We're results-driven and - not to blow our own trumpet - friendly to work with.

Which is why 85% of our clients are repeat customers.

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Video production still from The Royal Mint
Video production still from The Royal Mint
Video production still from The Royal Mint

Working exclusively in-house

We're currently a team of nine multi-disciplined creatives.

It isn't Jo & Joanna Bloggs turning up for a video production, but a close-knit team who've been involved in each and every project from the very beginning.

"We've never used freelancers and we never will", so the saying goes.

As a result, we truly get to know our clients and their brands.

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A broad range of clients

Our clients span almost every sector, from travel to FMCG, technology, fashion, charity and food & drink.

We also work extensively in education with over 35 independent schools, colleges and universities.

Whomever the client, our concepts often focus on people and their stories.

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Video production still from CHiMi Eyewear
Video production still from The Royal Mint

"We had some ideas about what we wanted to do but JonesMillbank helped us to shape those ideas and turn them into courses that we're really proud of. It was great to work with an in-house team rather than separate freelancers because it meant that everybody knew the vision of what we wanted to create."

University of Bristol