Video production for online courses

Services / Online course & MOOC video production

We understand students and how they engage, and as well as promotional content for education we're also experienced in producing pedagogical content for online courses and MOOCs.

Our in-house team ensures everyone understands the messaging, audience, learnings and topics, and we've worked with academics and experts to help explain everything from climate change to religious indoctrination, global citizenship, homelessness and mental health & wellbeing.

Video production still from EIT Food
#820 - EIT Food

Human Microbiome

We developed over a dozen films for this online course along with digital assets and illustrations to support non-video steps and course promotion.

Video production still from University of Bristol
#326 - University of Bristol

Bristol Futures

We produced 83 videos for an ambitious project to produce 3 MOOCs involving over 100 contributors, all in the space of 4 months.

Video production still from NHS
#412 - NHS

Patient Explainers

We produced a series of films to better inform patients, provide clear and engaging pre-op information and reduce consultant load.

"JonesMillbank were really valuable to us in being able to bring an aspect of creativity and fun to the process and really allow that kind of creativity to grow with the academics."

University of Bristol