Working with councils and public bodies

Services / Public sector

We've been working with councils and public sector organisations since 2013 when we won our first public tender with Cornwall Council. A lot's changed since then, but our briefs are similar: to cost-effectively communicate with broad audiences, often managing and working with multiple stakeholders, businesses, partners and other agencies.

Video production still from Bristol City Council
#729 - Bristol City Council

City of Hope

We were commissioned to produce an uplifting and reflective film on Bristol's time under COVID-19 led by a poem written by Bristol's City Poet.

Video production still from Cornwall Council
#676 - Cornwall Council


We won a public tender to help launch, demonstrate and provide case studies for a new online tool called Beacon being rolled out by Cornwall Council.

Video production still from VisitEssex
#637 - VisitEssex

Don't Believe The Stereotypes

We helped VisitEssex counter the stereotypes associated with the region and encourage people to visit and see for themselves.

Video production still from NHS
#412 - NHS

Patient Explainers

We produced a series of films to better inform patients, provide clear and engaging pre-op information and reduce consultant load.

Video production still from VisitBristol
#345 - VisitBristol

Bristol in 360

A six-part series exploring Bristol in 360 led by audio interviews and presenters, produced throughout 2017, including festivals, shopping, arts and food & drink.

Video production still from Bristol City Council
#791 - Bristol City Council

State of the City

We were commissioned to produce an authentic look at the impact COVID-19 has had on Bristol, led by voices from across the city.

"The whole team were superb to work with. They quickly grasped our brief and created something beautiful, emotive and in some cases tearful responses! They reacted quickly and efficiently throughout, solving numerous problems arising from the tight turnaround and current climate. Highly recommended."

Bristol City Council