Creative concepts, scripting and storyboarding

Services / Scripting & Storyboarding

As a full-service video production company we write and develop concepts and scripts for the vast majority of briefs we work on.

We can also work to exacting briefs or pre-developed storyboards where required, usually in collaboration with other agencies.

More often than not storyboards are required for TVCs and animations, but they can also help clients visualise specific shots or compositions even for more simplistic shoots.

Video production still from Matter
#934 - Matter

Gulp Kickstarter

Matter commissioned us to help launch a Kickstarter campaign for their product, Gulp; the world's first microplastics filter for washing machines.

Video production still from Jisc
#879 - Jisc

Digifest 2021

We were commissioned to create this year's video opener that explores the past year and the future of working in education.

Video production still from Tribal
#941 - Tribal

This Is Tribal

We were approached with a clear brief by Tribal to produce an engaging, light-hearted and authentic film for one of their products: educational CRM systems.

Video production still from VisitEssex
#637 - VisitEssex

Don't Believe The Stereotypes

We helped VisitEssex counter the stereotypes associated with the region and encourage people to visit and see for themselves.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
#680 - The Royal Mint

Music Legends

We developed a concept - supported by the British Deaf Association - that explores the influence of music artists on a deaf character.

Video production still from Highclare School
#950 - Highclare School

I Am A Student

We creatively worked around a tight budget and a need to show a whole-school approach to this scripted brand-level film.

"I love hearing their thoughts, and everything they have delivered has exceeded my expectations. I value their collaborative nature, and that they will be honest with what they think will work and won’t, yet are never obstructive to the needs of our organisation."