Introducing an online portal to support local businesses

Work / Cornwall Council / Beacon

We won a public tender to help launch, demonstrate and provide case studies for a new online tool called Beacon being rolled out by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP.

With the animation needing to align with the brand of the tool and it's UI/UX, we developed original characters and an animation style that aligned with the portal itself.

Everyone's dream is to align our profession with our ideals and invest in projects that resonate with us. And working for a client which aim is to create a tool to help improve mental health and disability in the workplace was just that.

The communication with the client was key from the beginning in terms of creating an overall style that they will be using, not only on their animations, but as a brand. I would normally opt for rougher and sketchier style, but coming out with a clean design to align with the brand was an exciting challenge.

It was amazing to have the trust from the team at CIoSLEP to come up with a visual representation of such a delicate and abstract topic.

Elsa Esteban, Animator
Animation colour palette from Cornwall Council
Animation characters from Cornwall Council
Animation storyboard from Cornwall Council
Animation storyboard from Cornwall Council
Animation still from Cornwall Council
Animation still from Cornwall Council

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