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The school's new music centre had been years in the making. As part of the school's 500th celebrations, we'd already helped raise funds for its construction and covered parts of its journey along the way.

We covered the official opening of the eponymous centre by HRH Queen Elizabeth II - a day long to be remembered in the school's already rich history - and produced PR and news content for regional outlets.

The best thing about our job is money-can't-buy access, either to people, situations or meetings that are so far removed from our ordinary lives.

This has got to be up there.

Having gone through personal background checks by Her Majesty's security, we were at times no more than a couple of metres away from the Queen.

Our entire team have never worked on such a happy project, before or since, with all the students and staff - the memory of which sticking with them forever - and even the Queen herself having a beaming smile throughout the whole day.

Quite how the school managed to receive the Queen to open the music centre and have lunch in the dining hall, nobody knows!

Russell Jones, Director

"I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for your incredible work. The film you worked so hard to make is both beautiful and perfect at catching the atmosphere and story of the day. We have had dozens of emails and messages saying how much people love it."