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Like every school across the country, the impact of COVID-19 has been plentiful, including the inability to host open days for new and prospective parents.

A retained client, we worked with Redmaids' High School to overcome this challenge, producing and creating a two-hour live stream featuring pre-recorded content in a live-style, and a studio-style live stream with guests and interactive Q&A.

Pre-Recorded Content

A significant amount of pre-recorded content was captured to allow teachers from across the school to be featured safely alongside their students.

Addtional pre-COVID cutaways from our archive were used where required, otherwise content was captured in a one-take style that gave the impression and authenticity of being live.


The open day was incredibly successful, with two registrations for 3 and 4 years in advance, a rarity for the school.

The stream peaked at 536 concurrent viewers, with 39 new subscribers and over 10,000 playbacks in the following week.



Musical Introduction

"Open Morning is our biggest recruitment event, so it was essential that our virtual offering should live up to our usual on-site standard. By working with JonesMillbank we were able to host an impressive, professional event that showcased the best of our school. We've had so much positive feedback from prospective parents and our internal audience."

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