Authentically acknowledging the present situation

Work / University of Bristol / Clearing 2020

We were briefed to create a film that reassured current offer holders, engaged prospective clearing applicants, all the while authentically acknowledging the current situation.


Clearing can be a stressful and confusing period at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic that has seen the education sector be shaken up like never before.

We wrote a spoken word piece from scratch with nods to current conversations, turning them on their head to reflect the positive change that has and can be made.

Solely a re-edit piece, the narrative and edit was written with existing footage in mind, utilising our archive of video spanning a dozen previous projects with the University.

University of Bristol Clearing script

Change… can be ours to own.
The force that fuels innovation,
shifts our way of thinking,
transforms our way of learning and living.

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