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We were commissioned to produce the University of Bristol's flagship film for their 2021 undergraduate campaign.

For the self-proclaimed 'university that does things differently', we had to stray our creative away from the tourism office-esque films that so many universities fall back on.

"It had to be impactful, aspirational, beautifully shot and incredibly well thought out to balance the tradition and progressiveness that defines us. They met our brief with a perfect concept and worked with us throughout to develop the script, storyboard and score. We're incredibly proud and it raises the bar for future campaigns."


From the outset we needed the narrative to be authentic; a reflection of students and their lives, not the University's corporate messaging.

The spoken word narrative was written by our creatives and the University with help from the University's poetry society, and read by Laura, a singer and student studying Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry (MSci).

Following the theme of focus, the poem largely trod a path of symbolism rather than specifics, allowing the visuals to take their own form.

A number of focus groups were held to refine the content and cut out messaging that wasn't aligning to students.


We recruited Wilfred de Salis & Harry Nicholson to compose the music for the film, both having studied Composition of Music for Film and Television (MA) at the University.

We briefed the score that was needed, and following an audio moodboard the score was written to a draft of the visuals and both refined over a number of draft and final stages.

The original musical inspiration came from WOODKID's Run Boy Run, fusing percussion and strings.

Enlisting students and staff

Both ourselves and the University were adamant that everyone featured be a current student or member of staff.

The film features a broad spectrum, from the University's Professor of History of Slavery Olivette Otele to members of the magic society.

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