Attracting and converting students

Work / University of Bristol / School of PPN

The School of PPN (Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience) needed to support a recruitment drive, whilst educating prospective students about what the courses entail; particularly physiology, otherwise called human biology.

We created a series of six online interview-led films, one attraction and one conversion, for each of the school's three individual disciplines.

Physiology Conversion

Neuroscience Conversion

"I feel like you can find your niche wherever you go. For me, I love science, but I also love the arts, I love theatre, and so I found myself being exposed to so many areas of Bristol that pushed me to thrive."

Karabo, BSc Physiological Science

Student profiles

Following interviews for the main films we identified unique student stories and journeys and were further commissioned to produce a series of standalone student profile films.