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The university clearing process has a negative stigma; that it's complicated, stressful, or solely for use by 'failures'. Existing content from other institutions was dull, negative and uninspiring.

We created a host of content, from pre-roll online adverts to GIFs to get an alternative, informed message out.

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Following extensive research on similar videos that were successful we opted for a vlog-style approach.

Shooting outside of term time we were forced to use an actor to deliver our script, but we retained the vlog aesthetic to ensure the type of content was understandable and relatable.

Multiple social outputs were created, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram adverts to accompany a paid-for campaign, as well as GIFs for use on messaging platforms.

Video production still from University of Winchester
Video production still from University of Winchester

Video production still from University of Winchester

Shoots aren't always glamorous and this project sure was a reminder of how small the rooms in university halls are.

Three of us just about managed to squeeze us and our setup into a room on one of the warmest days of the year and get through an extensive ~1,200 word script with only a few cuts.

Emma, our actress, a recent graduate, and used in the University's housing guide, was an absolute trooper and smashed the brief; you'll probably spot her in other projects for other clients.

Russell Jones, Director
Video production still from University of Winchester

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