Connecting brands to people with creative video content

We're a full-service video production company, taking care of everything from strategy and creative through to production and post.

With in-house creative, production and state-of-the-art facilities, we challenge our clients to create impactful digital content and TV commercials.

One of the reasons why 85% of our clients are repeat.

Video production still from Save A Life Cymru
#1127 - Save A Life Cymru

Help Is Closer Than You Think

Video production still from IDLES
#1100 - IDLES

Stockholm Syndrome

Video production still from Original Cottages
#630 - Original Cottages

First Moments

Video production still from University of Winchester
#897 - University of Winchester

Find Your Tribe

Video production still from The Royal Mint
#902 - The Royal Mint

Making Of A Coin

Video production still from University of Bristol
#683 - University of Bristol

Find Your Focus

video production

You name it, we're all over it.

Our in-house team of creatives, producers and crew can arrange everything from storyboarding to casting, permits, catering, security and on-location facilities.

Plus we've an extensive collection of ad-grade cameras, lenses, lighting and rigging to implement even the craziest of ideas.

And post? Fuggedaboutit. Our talented editors, colourists and sound designers work closely with our creatives to bring stories to life and take everything we produce to the next level.

Video production still from Keir Video production still from IDLES
Video production still from IDLES

Video production still from Keir Video production still from Jisc
Video production still from IDLES

Family vibes

We're currently a team of 13 awesome people.

You're not working with Jo & Joanna Bloggs, but a close-knit team who'll be involved in every project from day dot.

There's too many benefits of this to list, but we'll try; trust, support, creative, service, shared goals, enjoyment, comradery... (voiceover fades out as list continues)

It's often claimed, but we genuinely do become extensions of our clients.

How many of your suppliers have you been on a rollercoaster with?

Cross-sector love

We niche in video, not sector.

We're passionate about telling stories, whether that's through a conceptual music video one day, an interview with an academic the next, or a product-led TVC with over a dozen crew.

Plus the variety really is mutually beneficial.

We develop new ideas and creatives with risk tolerant brands, and then use our experience with the risk averse.

It's a win-win.

Video production still from IDLES Video production still from SOHO Coffee Co
Video production still from University of Bristol

"JonesMillbank work magic with video content. They deliver consistently high production skills and they're creative, innovative and above all friendly and fun to work with."


Video production still from University of Bristol Video production still from Bristol City Council
Video production still from Matter

to our core

From our commercial growth to our in-house ethos and environmental responsibilities, we're consciously sustainable.

We've been net zero since 2020, pro-actively reducing our impact whilst double-offsetting our emissions through climate projects and tree planting in equal measure. You can view our impact at

We also provide support and discounted rates to charities and green-purposed institutions.