We take great pride in our team

In fact, we work exclusively in-house; 'we've never used freelancers and never will' so the saying goes.

So, naturally, our team is incredibly important.

We don't claim to be the biggest video production company, but we'd like to think we're pretty special. This in-house ethos has allowed us to build a really close-knit team, where you can catch up with the crew about a shoot or speak to the editor, all without picking up a phone.

Current vacancies

We currently have no full-time vacancies.

Like we said, we're afraid we don't work with freelancers, but if you'd like to send us your details to keep on file should any suitable full-time opportunities arise then please email hello@jonesmillbank.com.

We also work with a range of talented specialists and contributors such as voiceover artists, models, composers, talent agencies and makeup artists, so if you fit the bill please email the address above and we'll take a look.

"Axe throwing, escape rooms, even the odd art show or two, all with endless beers, burgers and laughs - we're always out and about enjoying ourselves as a team. You can normally spot us, we're the ones playing heads up in the middle of a picturesque bar in Athens."


We're proud to call Bristol home

If you're not familiar, it's kind of a big deal.

It's won Best Place to Live This, Best Place to Live That, and is home to the 2019 National Burger Awards Winner.

None of our current team are from Bristol, but we're all big fans and all call it home.

We always go out for lunch on a Friday, have after-work drinks, and attend many a liquid-fuelled event.

We punch above our weight

We create content for anything from social campaigns to TVCs for brands like Bath Ales, the NHS, the University of Winchester, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and The Royal Mint.

We've also scooped up awards at The Drum Content Awards in the company of some of the world's biggest brands and global agencies.

We promote a positive work-life culture

We know what it can be like elsewhere: staff feel bad for leaving before the boss, or doing any less than 12-hour days, and have very little idea about the state of the business or its finances.

We passionately promote a healthy and sustainable work-life balance, and you'll rarely find anyone still at their desk gone 5.15pm.

We're also totally transparent - our team are privy to all our financials - and we actively encourage our team, regardless of their role, to help shape our future.

We believe all of this makes for happier, refreshed and more involved individuals, and therefore a more creative and effective team.