We work exclusively in-house

Back in 'day, our directors filmed and edited everything. Today that's changed, but we saw the benefits of this intimate approach - for both us and our clients - and so we've kept it the same way ever since.

It isn't Jo & Joanna Bloggs turning up for a video production, but a close-knit team who've been involved in each project from the very beginning.

We've never used freelancers and we never will.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
Behind-the-scenes still from Newmarketing Holidays

It all started with a frisbee and a beer

Our co-founders Adam and Russell met at film school, frisbee in one hand, beer and burger in the other.

Fusing documentary and fiction approaches they started telling authentic stories in 2011; long before they were buzzwords. Less time and effort was spent on the company name.

They're still actively involved in every video production project, from developing concepts to directing and overseeing edits.

Photography from Three Brothers Burgers

Promoting a positive
work-life culture

We passionately promote a healthy and sustainable work-life balance; you won't find anyone working 12 hour days or feeling bad for leaving at 5pm.

We're transparent with our finances and accounts, providing detailed quarterly reports to the whole team.

We also involve everyone in big decisions - especially recruitment - and pride ourselves on our now legendary Christmas parties which have seen us visit Bruges, Warsaw, Bucharest and Athens.

Behind-the-scenes photo from Athens
Behind-the-scenes photo from Newmarket Holidays

"The office environment is fantastic and the team that has been crafted are some of the best I’ve ever worked with."

Jake's appraisal (legit)


Adam Millbank

Interview-master and Portuguese tart-obsessive. Embarrassing dad joke giver. Easily mistaken as artificially elongated. Random fact lover. Questionable dancer. Hand-cut chips master. Talks the talk and walks the... Grinch.

...written by Elsa


Russell Jones

Visionary technical leader and fluffy cat lover. Likes to rock a turtle neck with aviators. Has a rule of wearing shorts above 16 degrees. His sense of humour is as dry as James Bond's martini. Just the person you want at your party... or the one to organise it.

...written by Joffie

Account Manager

Emma Baker

Puppet master that never lets you down. She's Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. Like Mary Poppins' handbag, things just keep getting produced. Things don't just happen, Emma makes them happen. Can be bribed with biscuits. Totally hench.

...written by Rob

Account Manager

Alderney Middleton

One of eight! Has lived everywhere; presumably due to neighbourly complaints. Enjoys a pint, sometimes of wine. Improv fan and comedy writer. Is always hydrated. Does a fantastic angry crab impression. For her last meal would have "one of everything".

...written by Russell

Senior Production

Joffie Burt

Scandi eye candy. Half man, half mountain goat. Camera guru. Master mise-en-scèner. Louder than God. Raised on the mean streets of Surrey. Sneeze of a warlock. Cider-drinking, mint-hating, Kubb-tossing, Catan-crushing, Lighthouse Family-belting, all round good boy.

...written by Jake

Senior Creative

Rob French

Used to work for Ralph Lauren. Super competitive. Wishes he was good at darts. Insta is on point af. Once got told to buy longer trousers. Autobiography would be titled something like "light and shadows".

...written by Russell


Jake Twyman

All round genuine, lovely guy despite his unpredictable tea choices. Eyelashes that any girl would be envious of. In a band which automatically makes him cool. Taps a lot. Rocks a black skinny. At his happiest when eating Rory's Best Ever Veggie Cheeseburger.

...written by Emma


Elsa Esteban

Proud Spaniard with strong feelings about paying for tapas. Owns a lot of boardgames. Absolute planet defender and doodle extraordinaire. Has a year round sun-kissed glow and pearly whites to match. Drops things a lot. Thinks everyone should be called Raul.

...written by Alderney

Camera Operator

Owen Edwards

Airfix wizard. Pretty good when he turns his hands to cameras, too. Hails from 'up north, used to rain. Sounds a bit like Professor Brian Cox. Can even play the keyboard. Likes to label things, a lot.

...written by Adam

Want to work
with us?

We currently have no full-time vacancies.

Like we said, we're afraid we don't work with freelancers, but if you'd like to send us your details to keep on file should any suitable full-time opportunities arise then please email hello@jonesmillbank.com.

We also work with a range of talented specialists and contributors such as voiceover artists, models, composers, talent agencies and makeup artists, so if you fit the bill please email the address above and we'll take a look.