Like the Avengers, but less merch

Back in 'day, our founders filmed and edited everything. Today that's changed, but we've kept the same ethos since; an exclusive in-house team working together toward a shared goal.

You get to know us, we get to know you, and we get to know each other. Oversharing can be an issue.

Video production team

"The office environment is fantastic and the team that has been crafted are some of the best I’ve ever worked with."

Jake's appraisal (legit)


Adam Millbank

"Interview-master and Portuguese tart-obsessive. Embarrassing dad joke giver. Specialises in filming old people. Questionable dancer. Hand-cut chips master. Talks the talk and walks the... Grinch." by Elsa


Russell Jones

"Visionary technical leader and fluffy cat lover. Likes to rock a turtle neck with aviators. Sense of humour as dry as James Bond's martini. Just the person you want at your party... or to organise it." by Joffie

Head of Growth

Alastair Lee

"Almost as competitive as Rob. Used to work "upstairs". Favourite film is also City of God. Likes rowing, both on water and in Hubspot. Spirit animal's a dog. Who's seen a ball. Has lived everywhere." by Russell

Creative Director

Rob French

"Used to work for Ralph Lauren. Super competitive. Wishes he was good at darts. Insta is on point af. Once got told to buy longer trousers. Autobiography would be titled something like light and shadows." by Emma


Stephanie Hewlett

"Uber experienced, uber organised, uber tall. Has a cat with thumbs, front and back. Loves country music and cheese, obviously. Owns cowboy boots." by Rob

Account Manager

Adele Burrows

"On it like a scotch bonnet. Really bad on an e-scooter. Collects coins. Can cook, won't cook. Gets inked. Wears rave hats. What she doesn't know about BTS isn't worth knowing." by Russell

Head of Production

Joffie Burt

"Scandi eye candy. Half man, half mountain goat. Camera guru. Master mise-en-scèner. Louder than God. Raised on the mean streets of Surrey. Sneeze of a warlock. Cider-drinking, mint-hating, Kubb-tossing, Catan-crushing, all round good boy." by Jake


Jo Hodson

Bio coming soon...

Production Assistant

Sarah Shorrock

"Dab-hand behind the camera. And to the side. And in front of a stack of call sheets. Loves a medium format. Big foodie. Walks up mountains, runs at lunch, sleeps in vans. Just loves hairclips!" by Adam

Post-Production Lead

Jake Twyman

"All-round genuine, lovely guy despite his unpredictable tea choices. Eyelashes any girl would be envious of. In a band so automatically cool. Taps a lot. Rocks a black skinny. At his happiest when eating Rory's Best Ever Veggie Cheeseburger." by Emma


Leanne Redfern

"Has an edit complete before you've finished asking for it. Questionable office-safe lunch choices. Always has snacks to hand. Owns Batman's bicycle. Was stolen :(. Presumably by the Penguin." by Steph


Abbie Howes

"Enthusiasm more infectious than yawning. Known for her legendary cheese and wine nights. Loves board games. Hates concrete. Won't share chicken nuggets. Can hold a titan tube for hours." by Adele

Junior Camera Operator

Aphra Evans

Bio coming soon...

It all started with a frisbee and a beer

Our co-founders Adam and Russell met at film school, frisbee in one hand, beer and burger in the other.

Mixing their documentary and fiction approaches they started telling "authentic stories" together in 2011; long before they were buzzwords. Less time and effort was spent on the company name.

They're still actively involved in every video production project, from developing concepts to directing.

Behind-the-scenes still from Newmarket Holidays
Behind-the-scenes still from Newmarket Holidays

Happy people
= better films

We passionately promote a healthy and sustainable work-life balance; you won't find anyone working 12 hour days or feeling bad for leaving at 5pm.

We're transparent with our finances and accounts, communicating our sustainable growth.

We involve everyone in small and big decisions alike, and pride ourselves on our now legendary Christmas parties which have seen us visit Bruges, Warsaw, Bucharest (left) and Athens.

"The reason for the film’s success is the team at JonesMillbank worked with us over time, really getting to know us, listening to our market research, and responding to that in a really creative way. They feel like an extension of our team, and the project has been fully collaborative from day one."

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