We're a full-service video production company

We create videos for online, social and TV, as well as photographic commissions for brand and campaign consistency.

We've never just created pretty films for pretty films sake; our work has always been results-driven, from achieving 45 million organic views on social to smashing sales targets through DRTV.

Video production still from The Royal Mint
TV commercial production still from The Royal Mint

TV Commercials

We've helped generate sales and raise brand awareness via Sky AdSmart as well as local and national TV commercial campaigns.

Owning and operating a digital cinema camera in-house allows us to achieve the highest video production values expected of high-end TV commercials.

We also manage the entire video production process in-house, from concept to copy instructions, with a Clearcast Agency Certificate and experience with CopyCentral, Peach (IMD) and CARIA.

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Clearcast Agency Certificate

"We could not recommend JonesMillbank enough. They provided us with a stunning and successful TV advert within a tight deadline. They listened to the brief showing professionalism and creativity throughout the whole process."

Original Cottages

Online video

Whether we're converting an existing audience, or reaching an entirely new one via social-first video content, almost all our video productions have an online deliverable.

We've helped Battersea reach 45 million organic views and increase revenue by 426%, allowed the University of Bristol to engage its undergraduate audience, and sell out commemorative coins for The Royal Mint and their partners.

And we can bring interviews and more traditional video briefs to life.

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Video production still from The Royal Mint
Social media still from The Royal Mint

"The videos they produced went viral within days and had a huge impact on registrations for the event. As an agency they're creative, innovative and above all friendly and fun to work with."


Music video still from Gavin Thorpe

Music videos

From concepts to grading, our team are passionate about music and the craft of music video production.

Working in-house, we get under the skin of chords and lyrics, and work closely with artists and their labels to produce produce music videos that give authenticity and purpose with incredibly high production values.

And with agile crews of 2-3, up to larger productions involving dozens of crew and numerous models and extras, we can cater to music video productions of all sizes.

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"I f&%k*ng love this video! YES boys! A classic IDLES video, for me you nailed it."

Mother Artist Management for IDLES


Most video productions require animation in one form or another, be it titles or sprucing up a motion ident.

Our fully-scripted animations take on a whole range of concepts, designs and illustration styles to match the brands we're working with or the audience we're engaging.

Working entirely in-house with a talented team of video animators and creatives allows us to work effectively and creatively to bring stories to life.

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Animation still from The Royal Mint
Animation still from The Royal Mint
Animation still from Cornwall Council

"JonesMillbank have delivered various animations for us and have proven to be trustworthy, creative and personable. I love hearing their thoughts on our projects we work together on, and everything they have delivered has exceeded my expectations. They’re a very friendly bunch too, which certainly makes them even more of a pleasure to work with."


Scripting & Storyboarding

As a full-service video production company we write and develop concepts and scripts for the vast majority of briefs we work on.

If anything, creative concepts are our unsung talent.

We can also work to exacting briefs or pre-developed storyboards where required, usually in collaboration with other agencies.

Not all video productions require storyboarding, but our in-house illustrators, creatives and directors are on hand when needed.

More often than not storyboards are required for TV commercial productions and animations, but they can also help clients visualise specific shots or compositions even for more simplistic shoots.

Video production still from The Royal Mint

"Working with JonesMillbank was a brilliant experience. From the start the team really listened to us to understand our brand and our requirements, and then helped us shape both into a video that exceeded our expectations – managing to make educational software entertaining! We would love to work with JonesMillbank again in the future."

Tribal Group

Video production still from University of Bristol

For education

We work extensively with over 35 independent schools, colleges, universities and other education institutions.

Video productions and supporting content are created across the spectrum, from social campaigns to OOH advertising and pedagogical content including online courses and e-learning.

We also undertake market research and focus groups for larger campaigns and retained clients to develop audience profiles and ensure our content engages an ever-evolving audience.

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"It had to be impactful, aspirational, beautifully shot and incredibly well thought out to balance the tradition and progressiveness that defines us. Our vision has been expertly delivered by JonesMillbank who met our brief with a perfect concept and worked with us throughout to develop the script, storyboard and score. "

University of Bristol