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We researched, conceptualised, produced and created Epsom College's flagship school film, titled The Rest Will Follow.

The film follows an in-depth parent satisfaction survey we conducted in 2019, highlighting Surrey's top-performing co-ed day and boarding school's strengths and preconceptions, whilst informing our strategy for this and other visual content.


This project commenced in 2019 with the survey of over 100 of the ~300 families offered an 11+ or 13+ place at the school.

A significant amount of data was received, much of it prose, which was collated, dissected and analysed to form a 30-page document that was distributed to senior leadership.

This worked informed our content strategy with the school over the next 2 years, including the production and narrative of this flagship film.

Behind the scenes from Epsom College

"The Rest Will Follow hits all the right notes, evidenced by the fact that our audience along with our own staff, parents and pupils, love the film. After being shown the film in an assembly, our pupils spontaneously burst into applause - it's no mean feat to generate that level of enthusiasm from a room full of teenagers."

Video production still from Epsom College


One of the stand-out comments from parents - both those that accepted and declined a place at the school - was that of opportunities.

This is something often touted by independent schools, but Epsom College proved to be one of most authentic and genuine touters of this, with many of its students being incredibly exposed and active in a huge range of school and co-curricular life.

We presented a number of concepts around this, before developing The Rest Will Follow.

The play on words works in two ways; sieze these opportunities and more will follow, and become an inspiration and your peers will follow.

The narrative follows these inciting incidents and resulting successes.

Video production still from Epsom College
Video production still from Epsom College
Video production still from Epsom College
Video production still from Epsom College
Video production still from Epsom College

"The reason the film is successful is that the team at JonesMillbank worked with us over time, really getting to know Epsom College, listening to our market research, and responding to that in a really creative way. They feel like an extension of our team, and the project has been fully collaborative from day one."

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