Music video for the first single from IDLES' latest album


We've been working with IDLES creating video content for their new album, ULTRA MONO, including the music video for the album's first single, GROUNDS.

Directed by our in-house Senior Creative Rob French.

"I f&%k*ng love this video! YES boys! A classic IDLES video, for me you nailed it."

Mother Artist Management
Music video production still from IDLES

IDLES have such a unique and distinctive brand we wanted to address the project progressively while acknowledging sensitively what the band represent and where they are in the universe at this moment.

We wanted to introduce cinematic elements while retaining an honesty and accessibility the band have curated organically over their career. Shot across 5 sunrises in total it was important to try and capture the colour which would offer such a distinctive opposition to the driving, raw monster of a track that is GROUNDS.

The narrative which was interpreted straight from Talbot's songwriting sat perfectly at this time of day. We needed a two minute, twenty second-ish route for the driving one shot and it was very intentional to be rooted in a built-up residential area with a particular opening frame, leading to a one way road and finishing at something like a fork. Needless to say Google Maps and recces were intrinsic to the planning.

Rob French, Senior Creative/Director
Music video production still from IDLES
Music video production still from IDLES

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