Celebrating music without the music

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How do you celebrate music legends - including Queen - without any rights to their music or imagery?

We developed a concept - supported by the British Deaf Association - that explores the influence of music artists on a deaf character.


There were various early stage video concepts, from live action to animation, all with the same problem; what about the music? Is there no music in an ad about musicians? Is there stock, which will just cheapen the brand and confuse the audience?

We wanted the lack of music to be concept-driven, not an afterthought or constraint.

And so we developed the final concept; exploring the influence of music legends on those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Set in the 70s we explore this influence on our lead character through an entirely silent series of TV commercials.

Alex Nowak

We put out a number of casting calls, including through Deafinitely Theatre, the first deaf launched and deaf-led professional theatre company in the UK.

We cast Alex Nowak, a deaf actor, and following a client request for a post-shoot interview he gave us an insight into working with us, the creative, and accessibility in the music industry.

Supported by the BDA

In order to ensure our messaging was positive we sought support from a deaf charity.

Following a review of the ads and our production process - including casting a deaf actor - all ads have been endorsed by the British Deaf Association.