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We won a public tender to help VisitEssex counter the stereotypes associated with the region, its residents and businesses, and encourage people to visit and see for themselves.

From initial market research, to scripting the narrative and sourcing a diverse array of people and places from across the county, the project was both logistically complex and a privilege to work on the other side of the country.

Diverse contributors

We filmed with over a dozen contributors, from Michelin-star chefs to a British rally car champion, comedian, chatelain, paralympian and vintner, all aligning and countering individual stereotypes.


Vox pops

With tight schedules and a fixed narrative, we also squeezed in vox pop-style interviews with each contributor, forming their own film and amalgamated cuts answering the same questions such as favourite places and what somebody from Essex is really like.

Tom Haward

Nabila Tejpar

Antony Hicks

Video production still from VisitEssex


We captured dedicated photographic stills of each contributor for use in print and across digital, and with the main project shot exclusively in 8K RED RAW we were able to supply additional stills from throughout filming days.


Numerous cuts were produced for social, from individual short edits to square and portrait versions suitable for various platforms and with varying messaging.

Video production still from VisitEssex
Video production still from VisitEssex
Video production still from VisitEssex
Video production still from VisitEssex
Video production still from VisitEssex

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